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East Coast Winter
updated: Feb 11, 2013, 11:43 AM

By Edhat Subscriber

A subscriber shares photos from relatives of an East Coast winter.

Winter Wonderland pictures from my relatives in New Bedford! Guess this is why we live here!

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 COMMENT 373258 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-11 12:05 PM

Beautiful, but .... Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!


 SUSIECHAOS agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-11 01:03 PM

Yes, Wow! Beautiful! Of course, I don't have to shovel it :-)


 COMMENT 373282 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-11 01:04 PM

No thanks! Pretty pics, though. :-)


 COMMENT 373297 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-11 01:34 PM

Brrrrrr indeed. And pretty. Did they lose power?


 COMMENT 373319P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-11 02:17 PM

I've been wondering about the cost of heat in the east versus the rents we pay here in the west. It's got to help balance out the cost of living! Not to mention the cost in well-being. What can I say, I'm a Californian and would probably die in freezing temps, even indoors.


 COMMENT 373351 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-11 03:39 PM

Still more worth it to live there than here. Cost of living here is ridiculous and not worth it, I can't wait to get out of here.


 COMMENT 373356 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-11 03:46 PM

The photos make me cold just looking at them! Beautiful for sure, but it would be tough to live there with all the extra work and preparation that goes along with living in a snowy climate. I'll take a place where I can wear my flips flops pretty much 365 days a year.


 COMMENT 373389 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-11 04:53 PM

319 - You are so right about heat offsets the cost of rent here. Years ago I told an East Coast friend I paid $500 a month in rent [loooong time ago] for a two bedroom home. They paid half that amount and were shocked. It turns out they paid over a $1,000 for oil a few times a year. I was then shocked. lol


 SBSWEETPEA agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-11 05:57 PM

THANK YOU GOD for letting me live here!


 FLICKA agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 07:44 AM

I agree with SBSWEETPEA!! Our population has more than doubled since 1960; glad to see anyone who doesn't like it here moving away. Beautiful pictures (best way to view snow), thanks for sharing. Hope your relatives aren't having any hardships.


 COMMENT 373605 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 08:12 AM

The snow fall is gorgeous, the frozen trees in sunlight are more than beautiful but day 2 is awful. Tramping feet, snow plows pile your car in 8 feet of snow and mud, cold, cold, cold, the wind blows and ice forms and oh, yeah, dogs walked .


 COMMENT 373613 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 08:40 AM

I miss living in the snow! If I could afford to move back to upstate NY, I totally would. Even with the annual average snow fall of 281". Thanks for the pictures! Now I'm going to be daydreaming of the north east all day.


 COMMENT 373680P agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-12 10:57 AM

You can see snow like this in California, too, most winters. Up in the Sierras. I used to live in the central valley and drive up there on weekends to play. They even have snow parks just for sledding and sliding! Snow 6 to 8 feet deep! It was really nice to be able to visit the snow, and then drive two hours home to a milder climate. Really good snow like that is a bit harder to access from here.

I lived in Philadelphia for a few years, where I found the low rents entirely offset by higher costs for energy and food. And the property taxes back east--pretty much anywhere that doesn't have Prop 13--are astronomical, for way worse public services than we get here.


 COMMENT 373907 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-13 06:15 AM

In early January '82 we were visiting my now-wife's grandparents in Wauwatosa near Milwaukee WI, and got snowed in by 22". Nothing was moving except for people on cross-country skis. I helped Grandpa Max fix his snowblower, and was an instant hero.

351, don't let the door hit you on your way out. A big part of the cost of living, esp. housing, is the demand and willingness-to-pay to live here instead of "there." Best wishes to you.


 COMMENT 373955 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-13 08:58 AM

Hey 907, 351 here, been here for 18 years and believe me I won't miss it one bit. This overinflated housing market and the entitled people that populate it are not anywhere near worth paying 2-3 times what everyone else pays for a home. This town is hilarious, everyone here thinks they're so special and when you really get down to the nuts & bolts of this place, outside of the weather, what is so special about this place? The short answer is nothing.


 COMMENT 374507 agree helpful negative off topic

2013-02-14 04:14 PM

351, I repeat: best wishes to you.


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