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Here's what we found when we came to work this morning. [pics] (07/23/14) 2817 24
I have discovered a huge rat's nest in a tree. How can I get rid of them? (07/17/14) 2407 31
Any ideas on what kind of large ant-looking creature this is? [pic] (07/23/14) 1979 34
Are you a fan of the plan to split California in six? Will it just separate our problems or provide an actual fix? (07/20/14) 1707 32
Edhat subscribers share photos of their unique keychains before driving off into a beautiful weekend! (07/19/14) 1404 13
I have ground squirrels under my shed. How can I get rid of them without killing them? (07/19/14) 1349 29
Several subscribers are reporting rain in the Santa Barbara area. Where else is it raining? (07/20/14) 1316 22
A subscriber captured [pics] of a rattlesnake posed to strike.
updated 8:43 am
995 9
Hydrangeas remind this edhat subscriber of old-fashioned simple summer pleasures. [pics] (07/19/14) 994 12
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares a photo from travels in North Texas. (07/21/14) 969 14
IN THE KITCHEN: Turns out pretzels are not difficult to make at home and are a very welcome snack. (07/20/14) 916 14
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a garden butterfly. (07/20/14) 853 9
A subscriber snapped a [pic] of a caterpillar, but which end is up? (07/23/14) 802 6
A subscriber found a unique bird on their patio. Does anyone know what it is? [pics]
updated 11:34 am
482 13
Share your caption for this photo submitted by an edhat subscriber.
updated 10:51 am
355 15
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber ventured to LA for a Lady Gaga concert at the Staples Center.
updated 11:14 am
194 3
UPDATE: San Luis Obispo Police Department arrested Cesar Robles for attempted murder after hearing several gunshots. [mug] (07/21/14) 165 add
A subscriber reports 8 emergency crews at SLO airport near small plane. Was there an emergency this morning? (07/17/14) 98 add
ALERT UPDATE: The missing 9-year-old male has been located. [pic] (07/23/14) 61 add
There have been several mountain lion sightings this month in one Morro Bay neighborhood and Morro Bay officials are now issuing a warning to be careful. (07/18/14) 45 add
Alleged DUI driver hits home in Oceano, man narrowly escapes injuries. (07/17/14) 44 add
Paso Robles City Council kills proposed ban on mobile medical marijuana dispensaries (07/18/14) 43 add
The city of Morro Bay is celebrating its 50th birthday today with a flashback to its early days in the 1960s. (07/18/14) 41 add
Lady Gaga follows through on promise to promote water conservation in CA. (07/17/14) 40 add
A Paso Robles man accused of setting a steer on fire at Paso Robles HIgh School's FFA Barn says he's not guilty. (07/19/14) 39 add
City Council votes on $10 million conservation plan for Laguna Lake (07/17/14) 38 add
Fire behind Morro Bay power plant was accidental, officials say. (07/19/14) 36 add
The Templeton Community Services District says its customers have reduced their water usage by 25% over last year. (07/19/14) 26 add
Two fires broke out in Atascadero a short distance from each other around 2:30 p.m. Friday. (07/20/14) 24 add
Firefighters were able to put out a fire in one room of an Oceano house before it spread to the rest of the home. (07/20/14) 24 add
10-12 foot shark seen in Avila Beach. (07/22/14) 20 add
The Paso Robles Police Department arrested a man on suspicion of child molestation. (07/23/14) 18 add
The Atascadero Fire Department says two small vegetation fires that broke out along the Atascadero Creek Friday afternoon were caused by a young man with a lighter. (07/22/14) 17 add
Unit 2 at Diablo Canyon Power Plant offline for scheduled maintenance. (07/22/14) 11 add
Early-morning crash knocks out power to thousands in Arroyo Grande. (07/23/14) 10 add
San Luis Obispo Woman sues Chipotle.
updated 8:36 am
10 add
UPDATE: Charges expected to be filed against teen accused of setting fires in Atascadero (07/23/14) 9 add
Video of leaky spinklers gets leaked, City of Pismo Beach explains. (07/23/14) 9 add
Two dead sea lions were found on the shores of Shell Beach Monday, but wildlife experts say this is not an uncommon sight. (07/23/14) 7 add
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