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Has anyone living near the railroad tracks noticed an increase in soot, a tingling sensation around their mouths, and gritty teeth? (04/21/15) 2328 36
Updated With More [Pics]: A unique looking blue jellyfish has been found on local beaches. (04/22/15) 3643 24
Don was able to capture [pics] of edhatters favorite things, sunsets and hummingbirds, in one photo! (04/22/15) 1225 20
EDBIT: UC Santa Barbara has been ranked the best surf campus in America! (04/26/15) 1134 20
I feel like I may be getting overcharged for my bi-annual teeth cleaning and I'm wondering what other Edhat users typically pay.
updated 11:30 am
822 20
Edhat subscribers are reporting phone scams claiming to be from the IRS Fraud Division with a 703 area code. (04/21/15) 1948 19
What are the consequences of using hard water to house pipes, laundry, dishes, etc.? (04/21/15) 1809 19
Recent research shows the Ventura fault line is extremely dangerous and capable of producing severe tsunamis, reports the LA Times. (04/22/15) 2803 18
A subscriber is curious where the best place is to report fraud. (04/24/15) 1270 16
Alumni Jack and Kim Johnson team with UCSB's Associated Students Food Bank and Department of Public Worms on Edible Campus project to grow food on campus. (04/25/15) 776 15
EDBIT: Happy Earth Day edhatters! How are you celebrating? (04/23/15) 655 14
A subscriber asks for help in identifying this wheat-like plant. (04/25/15) 1408 13
MountainMan is wondering if you can identify these hummingbirds. [pics] (04/21/15) 1390 13
EDBIT: Dodgers or Giants? The rivalry is real and one filmmaker explores the possibility of dating across enemy baseball lines. (04/26/15) 949 12
District 5 Maintenance crews targeted litter and debris removal today for Caltrans Annual Anti-Litter Day from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara counties. (04/22/15) 809 10
MountainMan shares [pics] of his newly constructed bee hive.
updated 8:51 am
638 10
Do you want to see what adorable Mini Nubian Goats look like? Check out these [pics]. (04/25/15) 1821 8
A subscriber captures a [pic] of a blooming cactus amidst the drought. (04/23/15) 1200 8
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Dobby, who, on a recent Monday afternoon, alerted her owner to a nearby fire. (04/26/15) 774 8
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about those pesky early birds. (04/26/15) 793 7
TRAVEL: A subscriber displays the Edhat bag in Croatia. (04/22/15) 700 6
UCSB's Uta Passow studies the intricacies of marine snow formation in the Gulf of Mexico following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. (04/21/15) 696 6
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Buffy, an easy-to-love cat with a big personality looking for a wonderful new home. (04/26/15) 798 5
William reports the young herons are getting a little bolder. [pics] (04/21/15) 937 4
TRAVEL: A subscriber spotted the Edhat Bagflag on the island of Hvar in Croatia. (04/23/15) 878 4
Friday is National Arbor Day and Ed wants to see your plant themed photos. (04/25/15) 546 4
TRAVEL: The edhat bagflag has moved on and is now in Amsterdam.
updated 12:45 pm
154 4
TRAVEL: The edhat bagflag takes a yachting tour around Croatia. (04/24/15) 635 3
TRAVEL: The edhat bag is now in Dubrovnik, Croatia! (04/25/15) 561 3
TRAVEL: Edhatter Gus Harris recently went to San Francisco where the intriguing reflections and shadows on the buildings made for great [pics].
updated 11:00 am
224 3
Cindy's flowers were quite happy to receive a little rain this weekend. [pics]
updated 9:30 am
320 2
Would you like to celebrate Poem In Your Pocket day by writing a poem with me today? (04/25/15) 268 1
The young herons are about to fly! Check out edhat subscriber William's [pics].
updated 10:30 am
263 1
UCSB researchers cradle silver nanoclusters inside synthetic DNA to create a programmed, tunable fluorescent array. (04/24/15) 441 add
The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory in effect from 6pm Sunday to 3am Monday. (04/27/15) 423 add
Lenny Jones, the 63-year-old Arroyo Grande resident, was issued an increase in bail after a fourth victim was identified. (04/21/15) 144 add
San Luis Obispo City Fire Department personnel responded to a reported smoke in a structure call at 125 South Tassajara Street in the City of San Luis Obispo at 1:47 pm. (04/21/15) 141 add
A local taxi driver chased off a suspect who is involved in two residential burglaries before harm could be done to one of the residents. [pic] (04/21/15) 135 add
San Luis Obispo County reservoirs are far below historical averages. (04/23/15) 126 add
Caltrans will hold its 24th annual Worker Memorial Ceremony on Thursday, April 23 at 10:00 am at the Caltrans District 5 office at 50 Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo. (04/22/15) 120 add
The Sheriff's Office officially introduced its newest K9 handler, Deputy Josh Peet. Deputy Peet is taking over the responsibilities from Deputy Steve Faeth who retired in January of this year. [pics] (04/23/15) 116 add
On Wednesday, April 22 at 10 AM, the Sheriff's Office newest K9 handler will be introduced. [pics] (04/21/15) 115 add
Local residents are invited to a family-friendly "fun-raiser" and barbecue on May 2 to help strengthen families on the Central Coast. (04/22/15) 114 add
I'm looking for good and reasonable house cleaners in San Luis Obispo. Any tips? (04/23/15) 110 add
On April 25, around 8:38 PM the San Luis Obispo Police Department responded to the 1900 block of Santa Barbara Street for a suspicious device. (04/27/15) 103 add
The Grover Beach Police Department is creating a strong social media presence for law enforcement. (04/24/15) 102 add
SLO Police report a sexual assault of a Cal Poly student that look place in the area of Grand and Slack Street. (04/26/15) 98 add
Caltrans District 5 Equipment Operator David Guerena was one of 52 people who was presented the Medal of Honor Award during a ceremony yesterday. (04/25/15) 91 add
One Cal Poly student is dead and four others are injured after the Jeep they were allegedly four-wheeling in rolled multiple times. (04/21/15) 72 add
Multiple agencies reported to a car crash near Cuesta College, Saturday night. (04/21/15) 51 add
The Lucia Mar Unified School District is investigating claims that an Arroyo Grande High School teacher taught the topic of creationism. (04/25/15) 41 add
This week the Downtown Renewal Project will commence with more demolition of the sidewalk along 726 through 728 Higuera Street on Monday.
updated 10:29 am
36 add
A motor home struck a fire hydrant in Grover Beach late morning, sending a plume of water into the air for at least 45 minutes. (04/21/15) 36 add
The Central Coast Police Memorial Caravan will again gather at the CHP office in SLO on Sunday, May 3, 2015, at 9:00 a.m.
updated 9:25 am
34 add
Arroyo Grande Citizen of the Year Lawrence Lenny Jones was charged with child molestation in 1995, though the charges were dropped after he underwent counseling. (04/25/15) 31 add
Ex-Cal Poly football player takes plea deal in attempted robbery case. (04/24/15) 29 add
The family of an Atascadero State Hospital patient allegedly strangled by his roommate is suing the hospital for wrongful death, saying staff there knew the roommate had been violent and threatening toward other patients and should have segregated him from the general population. (04/24/15) 26 add
The San Luis Obispo County Bomb Task Force and San Luis Obispo Police responded to a suspicious device in San Luis Obispo. (04/27/15) 20 add
The Pismo Beach Police Department call center uses a treadmill at work. (04/25/15) 16 add
Cal Poly is making it easier for the community to stay informed about future building projects and changes to the campus. (04/27/15) 15 add

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