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Updated with more photos: A subscriber reports that Al Gore is present at a wedding in Carpinteria Friday morning. [pics] (04/19/14) 3142 53
I'm very sick of Cox's service, or lack of, the rates they charge, and the lack of real options. Any opinions about this monopoly? (04/19/14) 2055 46
A local resident found a wedding ring at Ellwood Beach and through Facebook was able to return it to the rightful owners. (04/16/14) 2323 25
Updated with [vid]: Edhat subscribers share pictures of Tuesday morning's lunar eclipse, the Blood Moon. (04/16/14) 2690 21
A disease is killing off sea stars, commonly known as starfish on our west coast beaches. (04/18/14) 1172 21
It's Easter weekend and Ed wants to see your easter themed photos. Send them in! (04/19/14) 561 17
Does anyone know how paint blisters on a car? (04/13/14) 955 14
Astronomy: There's a total lunar eclipse this coming, very early, Tuesday morning! (04/13/14) 1598 12
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Twigs, an older rescue dog who is still a puppy at heart. (04/13/14) 933 12
Does anyone know if a local bakery makes pie pops? (04/18/14) 1305 11
IN THE KITCHEN: I had some fun in the kitchen the other night and made Spanish-style lentils with chorizo and spinach. (04/13/14) 961 7
Charles shares a few [pics] of an on screen lizard he found.
updated 10:43 am
123 7
By chance an antique aircraft fly-in BBQ was at Columbia Airport when John Wiley landed there. [pics] (04/15/14) 1178 6
Charles Brewster shares [pics] of the orchids and cacti plant that are in full bloom around his house. (04/15/14) 964 6
Have you heard UPS's gas saving strategy? It gives "around the block" a new depth of meaning. (04/13/14) 2269 4
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Sage, a handsome and well-trained boy looking for his new human.
updated 9:00 am
216 3
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sparrow, an orange tabby looking for a special home.
updated 9:00 am
171 3
Report of brush fires along Highway 101 in San Luis Obisbo, possibly up to 8 fires. (04/15/14) 980 2
The Coroner's Unit of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office has identified the man found dead inside a tent in San Simeon on 3-13-14. (04/16/14) 77 add
The Big Sur International Marathon will be run along Highway 1 beginning at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 27. (04/17/14) 69 add
At 6 minutes past midnight a lunar eclipse will occur as the Moon enters the sunset/sunrise-colored shadow of Earth. (04/15/14) 54 add
San Luis Obispo Police Department Joins Crackdown on Texting and Handheld Cell Use Behind the Wheel (04/17/14) 43 add
The Gas Company has petitioned to close the payment center at 1314 Broad St. San Luis Obispo. (04/19/14) 42 add
The body of a man who was swept to sea during a baptism at a beach in Guadalupe on March 30 was found two and a half miles away on Friday morning. (04/14/14) 34 add
Registered sex offender wants more rights to go near parks and schools. (04/17/14) 31 add
SLO Police arrested two individuals for possessing drugs and stolen property. [mug] (04/19/14) 30 add
A crash in Paso Robles has stopped railroad service in the area, according to the California Highway Patrol. (04/16/14) 29 add
The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Coroner's Unit has identified the man found dead inside a tent in the Pico Creek area of San Simeon back in March. (04/17/14) 28 add
The Federal Bureau of Investigation says two recent bank robberies are likely connected. Pismo Beach and Arroyo Grande police are working with the agency to track a suspect down. (04/16/14) 27 add
A 17-year-old was arrested in Pismo Beach Sunday for damage to cars, a bus, and a school in Arroyo Grande. (04/16/14) 20 add
Emergency crews are on scene in Oceano treating two people hurt when a side-by-side recreational vehicle crashed into a Hummer early Thursday afternoon. (04/19/14) 19 add
The SLO City Council may invoke its status as a charter city to put a measure on the ballot to renew its half- percent sales tax increase. (04/16/14) 16 add
Atasadero Police say two people are in custody following the bank robbery Thursday at the Chase bank on El Camino Real in Atascadero. (04/19/14) 15 add
A pizza parlor in Pismo Beach caught fire Thursday morning and neighboring businesses were also damaged by smoke. (04/19/14) 13 add
A group of concerned citizens wants to ban big development outside Pismo Beach for decades to come. (04/19/14) 11 add
Pismo Beach City Council Stops Prayers Before Meetings: Vote Settles Lawsuit Claiming Prayers Were Unconstitutional (04/18/14) 10 add
Officers responded to the area of Mustang Village on Foothill to the report of a Sexual Assault.
updated 11:00 am
7 add
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