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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 24, 2014 reads comments
ART noticed this gorgeous osprey perched on power lines with a fish in its talons. [pics] (07/24/14) 1043 4
A subscriber found a unique bird on their patio. Does anyone know what it is? [pics] (07/24/14) 1851 27
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber ventured to LA for a Lady Gaga concert at the Staples Center. (07/24/14) 776 7
Share your caption for this photo submitted by an edhat subscriber. (07/24/14) 781 20
A subscriber captured [pics] of a rattlesnake posed to strike. (07/24/14) 1920 13
San Luis Obispo Woman sues Chipotle. (07/24/14) 24 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 23, 2014 reads comments
ALERT UPDATE: The missing 9-year-old male has been located. [pic] (07/23/14) 69 add
The Paso Robles Police Department arrested a man on suspicion of child molestation. (07/23/14) 23 add
Early-morning crash knocks out power to thousands in Arroyo Grande. (07/23/14) 15 add
A subscriber snapped a [pic] of a caterpillar, but which end is up? (07/23/14) 882 6
Two dead sea lions were found on the shores of Shell Beach Monday, but wildlife experts say this is not an uncommon sight. (07/23/14) 12 add
Video of leaky spinklers gets leaked, City of Pismo Beach explains. (07/23/14) 13 add
UPDATE: Charges expected to be filed against teen accused of setting fires in Atascadero (07/23/14) 14 add
Any ideas on what kind of large ant-looking creature this is? [pic] (07/23/14) 2135 34
Here's what we found when we came to work this morning. [pics] (07/23/14) 3033 24

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 22, 2014 reads comments
The Atascadero Fire Department says two small vegetation fires that broke out along the Atascadero Creek Friday afternoon were caused by a young man with a lighter. (07/22/14) 20 add
10-12 foot shark seen in Avila Beach. (07/22/14) 27 add
Unit 2 at Diablo Canyon Power Plant offline for scheduled maintenance. (07/22/14) 13 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 21, 2014 reads comments
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares a photo from travels in North Texas. (07/21/14) 984 14
UPDATE: San Luis Obispo Police Department arrested Cesar Robles for attempted murder after hearing several gunshots. [mug] (07/21/14) 171 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 20, 2014 reads comments
Are you a fan of the plan to split California in six? Will it just separate our problems or provide an actual fix? (07/20/14) 1727 32
Several subscribers are reporting rain in the Santa Barbara area. Where else is it raining? (07/20/14) 1332 22
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a garden butterfly. (07/20/14) 872 9
IN THE KITCHEN: Turns out pretzels are not difficult to make at home and are a very welcome snack. (07/20/14) 941 14
Firefighters were able to put out a fire in one room of an Oceano house before it spread to the rest of the home. (07/20/14) 26 add
Two fires broke out in Atascadero a short distance from each other around 2:30 p.m. Friday. (07/20/14) 26 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 19, 2014 reads comments
Hydrangeas remind this edhat subscriber of old-fashioned simple summer pleasures. [pics] (07/19/14) 1016 12
I have ground squirrels under my shed. How can I get rid of them without killing them? (07/19/14) 1367 29
Edhat subscribers share photos of their unique keychains before driving off into a beautiful weekend! (07/19/14) 1425 13
Fire behind Morro Bay power plant was accidental, officials say. (07/19/14) 37 add
The Templeton Community Services District says its customers have reduced their water usage by 25% over last year. (07/19/14) 28 add
A Paso Robles man accused of setting a steer on fire at Paso Robles HIgh School's FFA Barn says he's not guilty. (07/19/14) 41 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 18, 2014 reads comments
Paso Robles City Council kills proposed ban on mobile medical marijuana dispensaries (07/18/14) 48 add
The city of Morro Bay is celebrating its 50th birthday today with a flashback to its early days in the 1960s. (07/18/14) 43 add
There have been several mountain lion sightings this month in one Morro Bay neighborhood and Morro Bay officials are now issuing a warning to be careful. (07/18/14) 51 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 17, 2014 reads comments
I have discovered a huge rat's nest in a tree. How can I get rid of them? (07/17/14) 2418 31
Lady Gaga follows through on promise to promote water conservation in CA. (07/17/14) 44 add
City Council votes on $10 million conservation plan for Laguna Lake (07/17/14) 38 add
A subscriber reports 8 emergency crews at SLO airport near small plane. Was there an emergency this morning? (07/17/14) 102 add
Alleged DUI driver hits home in Oceano, man narrowly escapes injuries. (07/17/14) 46 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 16, 2014 reads comments
Some inmates at the San Luis Obispo County Jail are getting a special chance to prepare for life on the outside. (07/16/14) 50 add
An elderly couple narrowly avoided injury after an SUV crashed into their home Monday night. (07/16/14) 51 add
TRAVEL: Our dedicated staff member traveled to Munich and was even there after Germany won the World Cup! (07/16/14) 800 8
Bike For Health has arranged with the SLO County Sheriff's Office to donate 10 bicycles from its Bicycle Program to homeless clients of the Prado Day Center. (07/16/14) 93 1
MountainMan4865 shares a short [vid] of a tarantula hawk scurrying about. (07/16/14) 1616 9
A subscriber snapped this [pic] of two ghosts in the fog. (07/16/14) 2063 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 15, 2014 reads comments
The city of Paso Robles is celebrating the completion of a big traffic project: the new highway 46 and 101 interchange. (07/15/14) 54 add
A subscriber shares [pics] of a bobcat posing in their yard. (07/15/14) 4106 37
The National Weather Service reports threats of monsoonal thunderstorms late tonight through Wednesday. (07/15/14) 2572 17

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 14, 2014 reads comments
A woman stranded on a rock just south of Avila Beach was rescued just after 5:00 p.m. on Sunday evening. (07/14/14) 62 add
Does anyone know what kind of bug this is? (07/14/14) 2150 10
TRAVEL: Our dedicated staffer traveled into Zermatt, Switzerland to see the Matterhorn. (07/14/14) 1036 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 13, 2014 reads comments
Can someone tell me what kind of bugs these are? [pics] (07/13/14) 2195 10
If you can't catch it yourself or buy it fresh off of the hook, how can you be sure the fish you buy was the one you wanted to cook? (07/13/14) 1016 3
This Sunday is the final World Cup match between Germany and Argentina. Who do you think will be victorious? (07/13/14) 1027 16
Paso Robles Card Room Project Denied Zoning Change: Neighboring business owners say project doesn't fit area. (07/13/14) 51 add
Astronomy: With clouds illuminated by the First Quarter Moon I had to go for some astronomical goodies in the constellation Böotes, the Herdsman. (07/13/14) 542 5
Was it a cabbage that John Wiley spotted Amtrak pushing as he flew over? [pic] (07/13/14) 1640 15
Is anyone else noticing an increase in fleas on their pets or in their yards recently? (07/13/14) 1586 27
A steer that was burned last fall will live out the rest of his natural life at an animal sanctuary, says the woman who offered $10,000 so he could avoid terminal auction this month. (07/13/14) 66 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 12, 2014 reads comments
State's Coastal Commission orders Avila Beach landowner to take down fence that blocks hikers (07/12/14) 61 add
CAL FIRE has crews battling a small fire in Nipomo. (07/12/14) 58 add
It's lucky 7-11 and Ed is asking subscribers to send in photos of why you're lucky. (07/12/14) 1110 8
A project to preserve the pavement on Hwy 101 from Santa Maria Way to the Santa Maria River Bridges will continue with ramp and lane closures. (07/12/14) 507 add
EDBIT: It's that special numerical day, 7-11-14, where free slurpees are handed out from 11am-7pm. (07/12/14) 1136 19
Caltrans will perform guardrail repair in various locations of U.S. Highway 101 next week. (07/12/14) 84 add
Former SLO County DA candidate Tim Covello to work for Santa Barbara County DA's Office (07/12/14) 53 add
The City of San Luis Obispo's Natural Resources program is bringing forward a conservation plan for city council approval next Tuesday. (07/12/14) 49 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 11, 2014 reads comments
Today the SLO County Sheriff's Office received a call about a man who was reported missing after going dirt bike riding alone in the Turkey Flats area. (07/11/14) 115 add
An edhatter found this bug and is curious what it is. [pic] (07/11/14) 2206 13
An edhat subscriber shares information on the effects of neonicotinoids on your garden. (07/11/14) 1426 18
TRAVEL: Our dedicated staff member traveled to Nice and Strausbourg in France this week. (07/11/14) 862 3
Atascadero police say a woman was arrested and later released Monday after admitting to pepper spraying two people who were holding protest signs in Atascadero. (07/11/14) 57 add
Laguna Lake water levels so low, SLO City Council to hear potential solutions (07/11/14) 55 add
The Paso Robles man who pleaded guilty earlier this year to felonies related to child pornography and molestation was sentenced in a San Luis Obispo courtroom Tuesday. (07/11/14) 51 add
One of the two people arrested after a bank robbery in Atascadero earlier this year was sentenced Wednesday. (07/11/14) 61 add
A local real estate agent will get a little of the warmth of Hollywood fame tomorrow when he competes on the NBC show "Hollywood Game Night." (07/11/14) 45 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 10, 2014 reads comments
From 12:01 AM July 3 through Midnight Sunday 6 officers have arrested 28 individuals for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. (07/10/14) 110 add
A subscriber took a [pic] of just how bad gas prices have gotten. (07/10/14) 2370 23
My family is trying to conserve water and our question is, do we use more water doing the dishes by hand or by using the dishwasher? (07/10/14) 3248 49
Updated with [pics]: San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Deputies discovered an abandoned panga boat on San Simeon State Beach. (07/10/14) 110 add
Updated with [pics]: San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Deputies are currently on scene with a barricaded subject in a home in the 200 block of Encino Lane in Nipomo. (07/10/14) 108 add
I've heard there are riptide advisories in effect, how do you spot one? (07/10/14) 1464 27

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 09, 2014 reads comments
Any thoughts on the best steak house or BBQ joint in the Santa Maria area? (07/09/14) 2046 28
Officials are investigating a three-vehicle crash in northern San Luis Obispo County that sent four people to the hospital Tuesday morning. (07/09/14) 64 add
A man who authorities say robbed a Grover Beach bank last month is also suspected of robbing a Southern California bank back in May, according to the FBI. (07/09/14) 44 add
Local man survives shark attack in Oceano. (07/09/14) 63 add
The Grover Beach City Council took a major step toward having voters decide on a $48 million dollar bond measure to fix city streets. (07/09/14) 42 add
A lane on Highway 101 North in San Luis Obispo County is shut down after an RV caught on fire Tuesday morning, according to California Highway Patrol reports. (07/09/14) 61 add
Port-A-Potties at Hearst Castle. (07/09/14) 52 add
The Los Osos Community Services District, along with CAL FIRE/SLO County Fire Department is looking to hire prospective LOCSD Reserve Firefighters. (07/09/14) 42 add
Does anyone out there in edhat land have advice or tips for a sudden onset of insomnia? (07/09/14) 2223 68

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 08, 2014 reads comments
MountainMan shares a [pic] of band tailed pigeons taking over an Elderberry Tree. (07/08/14) 1440 5
A subscriber shares a [pic] of caterpillars feeding on milkweed. (07/08/14) 1343 9
On two separate days last week, two separate investigations resulted in the arrest of two people for possession of heroin for sale. [mugs] (07/08/14) 199 add
Arroyo Grande man celebrates 100th birthday with skydive. (07/08/14) 56 add
Traffic Accident on Highway 46 East at Golden Hill Road. (07/08/14) 106 add
We're going on vacation and will have a good friend stay at our place to house sit. What sort of compensation is fair? (07/08/14) 3282 48
TRAVEL: Our Dedicated Staffer is now in Barcelona and snapped several great pics to share with edhatters! (07/08/14) 1042 5
An edhat subscriber shares [pics] of healthy-looking bees feasting on some flowers. (07/08/14) 997 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 07, 2014 reads comments
These two were flying from tree to tree this morning, having a great time. Could they be eagles? [pics] (07/07/14) 2520 17

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 06, 2014 reads comments
Have you seen all the flags we've flown before? Are you clear on all we own beyond our shores? (07/06/14) 939 3
A subscriber had the pleasure of spotting the legendary albino raccoon on the 4th of July. [pics] (07/06/14) 3409 41
POWDRELL: One of the most captivating places in the world, in my opinion, sits right in our back yard, the Gaviota Coast. (07/06/14) 1588 19
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Ryan, a retired racing greyhound once known as Flyin-Ryan. (07/06/14) 1014 10
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Little Girl, a sweet black cat in need of a home. (07/06/14) 1104 6
Updated with more photos: How are you celebrating the 4th of July? Share photos with edhat for Flash Friday! (07/06/14) 1653 4

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 05, 2014 reads comments
A subscriber desperately needs advice for their bougainvillea plant. (07/05/14) 2195 39
EDBIT: It's that time for BBQ's and fireworks and edhat shares 10 facts about the 4th of July that you might not know. (07/05/14) 1536 3
The San Luis Obispo Police Department hosted a multi-agency DUI/Driver's License Checkpoint on Thursday, July 3, 2014 that resulted in zero arrests. (07/05/14) 158 add
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