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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jul 01, 2016 reads comments
Paso Robles police caught a break in a counterfeiting case when officers recognized a man videotaped passing a counterfeit bill at a CVS Pharmacy as the son of former chief of police Lisa Solomon and a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's deputy who worked the DARE program. (07/01/16) 12 add
During a teary sentencing hearing, a San Luis Obispo judge ordered a Nipomo woman to serve 15 years to life in state prison for killing a bicyclist while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. (07/01/16) 12 add
Matthew Betts was arrested for lewd acts committed against a 13-year-old female. [mug] (07/01/16) 61 add
This Fourth of July, San Luis Obispo Police Department will be out in full force, cracking down on drunk drivers. (07/01/16) 49 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 30, 2016 reads comments
South Vine Street near 1st in Paso Robles is now open after large amounts of glass were dumped in the road. (06/30/16) 53 add
The Paso Robles Police Department is requesting the public's assistance identifying a subject who stole items from Target. (06/30/16) 71 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 29, 2016 reads comments
Detectives discovered a marijuana grow being conducted in make-shift greenhouses containing 4,111 marijuana plants in varying sizes. [pics] (06/29/16) 91 add
44-year-old Paso Robles resident Jason Robert Porter was arrested for lewd acts with a child under 14. (06/29/16) 87 add
On June 28, 2016, PRPD officers arrested Justin Robert Fontecchio related to a rash of counterfeit currency transactions occurring throughout Paso Robles. (06/29/16) 94 add
KEYT: A brush fire is burning between Lake Nacimiento and Paso Robles in an area near Nacimiento Lake Road and Chimney Rock Road. (06/29/16) 36 add
KEYT: A 36-year-old homeless man is behind bars after he allegedly committed a string of crimes and started a fire in Grover Beach. (06/29/16) 27 add
Can someone identify this huge moth? (06/29/16) 1919 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 28, 2016 reads comments
Over the last two weeks several businesses in the City of Paso Robles have reported receiving counterfeit U.S. currency. (06/28/16) 72 add
A subscriber's unripened green tomatoes were stolen by a thief in the night, possibly a rascally raccoon. Any suggestions on how to prevent this thievery? (06/28/16) 1577 22
San Luis Obispo County is the sixth most unaffordable place to live in the United States. (06/28/16) 45 add
Last night at about 10:30 PM, San Luis Obispo Police Department received a 911 call reporting an armed robbery had just occurred at the Lexington Inn. (06/28/16) 59 add
San Luis Obispo Police arrested Scott Johnson, 50, after he reversed over a 21 year old male in downtown SLO overnight. (06/28/16) 117 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 27, 2016 reads comments
Can edhatters help me identify this fruit tree? (06/27/16) 2019 28
Subscriber Chuck Cagara caught this pair of mating Orioles at his feeders. [pics] (06/27/16) 1724 18

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 26, 2016 reads comments
A UC Santa Barbara scholar says Britain's vote to leave the European Union will have serious economic, political consequences. (06/26/16) 1901 45
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about friendship. (06/26/16) 1522 8
It seems so long ago, but just a few short months back Goleta was enjoying nonstop surf. (06/26/16) 1277 add
Customers have been waiting a few months or longer to receive beds, couches and other furniture they bought from an Arroyo Grande store. (06/26/16) 48 add
As the owners of Justin Vineyards and Winery, we try to instill in our local team a neighborly spirit, environmental responsibility and entrepreneurial independence... (06/26/16) 50 add
KEYT: More than 40 firefighters are working to contain a two acre fire in Paso Robles. (06/26/16) 35 add
KEYT: An Italian restaurant in Pismo Beach was badly damaged in an early morning 2-alarm fire. (06/26/16) 42 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 25, 2016 reads comments
The Chef Cycle Bicycle Ride will move through Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties for three days next week. (06/25/16) 750 2
It's National Take your Dog to Work Day and edhatters share photos of their dog working throughout the community. (06/25/16) 1434 8
A project to install contrasting surface treatments near the on/off ramps of Highway 101 in both directions from Curbaril Avenue to south of Monterey Road will begin on Monday, June 27. (06/25/16) 87 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 24, 2016 reads comments
KEYT: On Tuesday night, the Arroyo Grande City Council unanimously voted to put City Manager Dianne Thompson on paid leave. (06/24/16) 45 add
DUI saturation patrols are scheduled for this weekend in San Luis Obispo. (06/24/16) 74 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 23, 2016 reads comments
Rep. Capps joins her colleagues and gives remarks during the Gun Violence Sit-in on the House Floor Wednesday. [pic] (06/23/16) 2060 65
Paso Robles Police Department is asking for the public's help to identify two suspected burglars. [pics] (06/23/16) 120 add
The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to place the discussion of an oak tree ordinance and new rules for reservoirs on an upcoming agenda. (06/23/16) 58 add
The County of San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors approved a $574.7 million budget yesterday. (06/23/16) 83 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 22, 2016 reads comments
Following PGandE's announcement that it plans to close Diablo Canyon Power Plant by 2025, County officials anticipate substantial future community impacts. (06/22/16) 92 add
For people who have fruit trees, do you have any solutions to offer people with trees full of fruit? (06/22/16) 2088 17
An edhat subscriber took [pics] of Rattlesnake Canyon wildlife Tuesday morning. (06/22/16) 2312 16
Pacific Gas and Electric has announced its plan to close the Diablo Canyon Power Plant in San Luis Obispo county by 2025. (06/22/16) 1172 12
Trader Joe's agreed to reduce emissions of potent greenhouse gases from refrigeration equipment at 453 of its stores under a proposed settlement with the U.S. under the Clean Air Act(06/22/16) 725 11

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 21, 2016 reads comments
An edhat reader has been finding a bunch of little bugs in their house. Anyone know what they are? [pics] (06/21/16) 3721 29

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 20, 2016 reads comments
An edhatter shares a [pic] of the Dick Smith Wilderness looking towards Avila. (06/20/16) 1494 3
Subscriber Chuck Cagara was out observing his Hummingbird and Oriole feeders when one of several male Hooded Orioles arrived. [pic] (06/20/16) 1833 9

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 19, 2016 reads comments
Reported brush fire on Highway 166 at Bull Canyon. (06/19/16) 1092 3
Microsoft announced a deal to buy professional social network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, just a year after LinkedIn purchased local company Lynda.com. (06/19/16) 1500 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 18, 2016 reads comments
Paso Robles Police arrested four suspects for possessing narcotics. [mug] (06/18/16) 216 add
San Luis Obispo Sheriff's are investigating a marijuana grow operation found in the Los Padres National Forest in rural San Luis Obispo. [pics] (06/18/16) 136 add
An Arroyo Grande teen who botched a home burglary Thursday could not make up his mind whether to run away or confess to the crime. (06/18/16) 98 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 17, 2016 reads comments
James Scott was arrested on June 6 after he attempted to burglarize a house while the victim was home. (06/17/16) 112 add
The Sheriff's Office has recently installed a public safety video surveillance system in parts of San Miguel and Shandon. (06/17/16) 130 add
Less than five months after the Arroyo Grande City Council adopted an ordinance banning medical marijuana cultivation and deliveries, council members voted to allow patients to grow cannabis in the city. (06/17/16) 69 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 16, 2016 reads comments
[Update]: The FBI has issued a $50,000 reward for information relating to a suspected serial killer who has committed as many as 175 crimes across California.  (06/16/16) 7848 33
SLO County has ordered Justin Vineyards to stop removing oak trees from the county. (06/16/16) 99 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 15, 2016 reads comments
A project to resurface southbound Hwy. 1 from Hollister Road to the San Lucito Creek Bridge will begin on Monday, June 20. (06/15/16) 139 add
The Los Padres National Forest will continue to enforce closure of the Tar Creek area near the Sespe Condor Sanctuary. (06/15/16) 1167 3
A salvage yard fire near Paso Robles burned 15 vehicles Monday evening, according to Cal Fire. (06/15/16) 79 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 14, 2016 reads comments
A juvenile mourning dove has returned to one edhat reader's yard. [pics] (06/14/16) 1574 9

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 13, 2016 reads comments
TRAVEL: Max shares photos flying above Seattle this weekend. (06/13/16) 1317 8
About 80 Laguna Middle School students and one teacher appear to have contracted the Norovirus prompting school officials to postpone the eighth grade dance until next Friday. (06/13/16) 86 add
Jake Javier, who was to walk on with the Cal Poly football team in the fall, was injured in a pool accident Thursday night, one day prior to his graduation from San Ramon Valley High School in Danville. (06/13/16) 106 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 12, 2016 reads comments
TRAVEL: Max shares photos above San Francisco on Friday afternoon. (06/12/16) 1371 4
Edhat has just launched their new merchandise store. Get your ed swag now! (06/12/16) 1434 15
IN THE KITCHEN: Suzie shares her favorite summer hobbies and the best summer salami sandwich. (06/12/16) 1531 11
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Ben, a lovely German Shepherd and connoisseur of art. (06/12/16) 1515 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 11, 2016 reads comments
The inaugural graduates of UCSB's Master of Technology Management program are ready to take on the tech business world. (06/11/16) 1088 2
To celebrate World Oceans Day this week, edhatters share their ocean photos. (06/11/16) 1166 2
In preparation for planting grapes, workers removed hundreds of oak trees from a rural Paso Robles property managed by Justin Vineyards. (06/11/16) 122 add
A 5.2 magnitude earthquake struck southern California along the San Jacinto fault just after 1:00 a.m. Friday. (06/11/16) 2639 11

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 10, 2016 reads comments
Officers from the San Luis Obispo Police Department's DUI Enforcement Team will be deploying this weekend to stop and arrest alcohol and drug-impaired drivers. (06/10/16) 120 add
Did anyone else see a bright red and white streak in the sky Wednesday evening? (06/10/16) 1751 6
Astronomy: The International Space Station will be in our skies on Friday evening. (06/10/16) 1356 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 09, 2016 reads comments
Paso Robles Police are asking residents to help identify this suspected thief. [pics] (06/09/16) 168 add
A Templeton man who got caught stealing a bicycle in San Luis Obispo received a black eye and a trip to jail Tuesday. (06/09/16) 112 add
On June 7, 2016 at about 3 PM officers were dispatched to a physical altercation at El Capitan and Broad. [mug] (06/09/16) 154 add
On June 7 at about 10:26 PM, officers responded to an unknown injury single vehicle rollover traffic collision on Foothill just east of Santa Rosa. [mug] (06/09/16) 136 add
There is going to be restricted traffic lanes at Santa Rosa and Foothill while PGE replaces a power pole and transformer. (06/09/16) 134 add
KEYT: A bomb threat shut down several businesses in Pismo Beach Tuesday morning after a gift shop in the 100 block of Pomeroy received a bomb threat from an unknown person. (06/09/16) 96 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 08, 2016 reads comments
A law enforcement emphasis on underage drinkers led to 20 arrests around Cal Poly over the weekend. (06/08/16) 132 add
The AIDS/Life Cycle Bicycle Ride will move through Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties this week. (06/08/16) 950 5
Los Padres National Forest announced that Saturday, June 11, will be a "Fee Free" day for all visitors to the Forest in recognition of National Get Outdoors Day. (06/08/16) 912 15
New work from a UCSB field ecologist and his microbiology colleagues shows how rising ocean temperatures are potentially lethal for coral reefs. (06/08/16) 825 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 07, 2016 reads comments
Los Padres National Forest officials announce the closure of the Rockfront Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area due to hazardous trees that pose a safety risk. (06/07/16) 1139 8
A central coast resident reported seeing a panga boat on the San Luis Obispo County coastline between Cayucos and Harmony. [pic] (06/07/16) 2635 11
Paul Simon performed at the SB Bowl and Patti was there to capture all the action. [pics] (06/07/16) 2304 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 06, 2016 reads comments
San Luis Obispo city crews were busy cleaning up a water main break Thursday evening. (06/06/16) 107 add
The South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District voted unanimously Wednesday to stop fighting the state in court over a $1.1 million fine levied because of a 384,000 to 3 million gallon raw sewage spill that flowed into Oceano homes and the ocean. (06/06/16) 100 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 04, 2016 reads comments
Woman sues for $10M, claims developer beat her repeatedly. (06/04/16) 156 add
A former Atascadero mayoral candidate, who received 40 percent of the vote in 2014, reached a plea agreement with prosecutors that settled two court cases against him and secured his release from the county jail. (06/04/16) 117 add
KEYT: CHP is investigating a fatal crash that happened Friday morning in Atascadero. (06/04/16) 138 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 03, 2016 reads comments
A safety project to install rumble strips along a 42-mile section of Highway 1 from Highland Drive in San Luis Obispo continue in the Morro Bay area on June 2nd. (06/03/16) 150 add
Officers from the SLOPD's DUI Enforcement Team will be deploying this weekend to stop and arrest alcohol and drug-impaired drivers (06/03/16) 139 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jun 02, 2016 reads comments
The Animal Rescue Team reports a fawn was rescued in Solvang and they're expecting another one from Frazier Park. [pics] (06/02/16) 1751 12
San Luis Obispo Council of Governments Approves Next Steps for 9-year, $225M San Luis Obispo County Self-Help Local Transportation Investment Plan. (06/02/16) 161 add
The envelopes delivered with San Luis Obispo County vote-by-mail ballots incorrectly instruct voters, "Mail early. Postmarks do not count." A (06/02/16) 120 add

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