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Breaking News reads comments
Oscar Higueros, Jr., of Cayucos, has been arrested and booked into COunty Jail on three counts of rape by force or fear.
updated 11:42 am
40 add
Caltrans will host a transportation planning grant workshop on Sept. 16, from 10 am until 12 noon at the San Luis Obispo County Library.
updated 9:11 am
50 add
People in Cambria will pay more for their water starting Monday.
updated 8:55 am
8 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 02, 2014 reads comments
Crews were responding to a rescue at Montana de Oro early Monday afternoon. (09/02/14) 17 add
Cambria road closures to start on Wednesday. (09/02/14) 13 add
San Luis Obispo residents only have a couple more days to pay unsecured property taxes. (09/02/14) 9 add
The city of Arroyo Grande is taking steps to conserve water during California's severe drought. (09/02/14) 13 add
Has anybody else run into a person pressing the "service dog" issue to get onto public transportation or into stores and restaurants? (09/02/14) 2850 58
Did anyone else see the Mars, Saturn and Moon conjunction last night just after nightfall? [pics] (09/02/14) 1028 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Sep 01, 2014 reads comments
The San Luis Obispo City Council is scheduled to discuss the banning of Styrofoam products on Tuesday evening. (09/01/14) 22 add
A reader snapped this sequence of [pics] last Wednesday of a surfer pulling into a nice barrel ride. (09/01/14) 1778 3
Charles Brewster shares scenes from a Sunday sunrise in Santa Barbara. [pics] (09/01/14) 907 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 31, 2014 reads comments
Sheriff's Office received a 911 call regarding a disturbance in the parking lot of the Sheriff's North Patrol Station between a subject and his family (08/31/14) 103 add
Have you pondered the water footprint of the foods you eat? Would you alter your habits if it meant the drought could be beat? (08/31/14) 712 16
Cartoons: Mike Gordon shares a cartoon for all wine lovers in edhat land. (08/31/14) 1200 4
Astronomy: This Friday was the anniversary of one of the most important discoveries in the history of astronomy, which took place 150 years ago. (08/31/14) 1601 13
A subscriber shares [pics] of succulents in bloom. (08/31/14) 828 5
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Baker, a cat who has always been interested in the finer art of cooking. (08/31/14) 739 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 30, 2014 reads comments
The annual Golden State Classics Car Club Cruise on Spring Street (6th to 24th) is scheduled for this Friday, August 29. (08/30/14) 59 add
Edhat subscribers share photos of how they plan to celebrate the extended Labor Day weekend. Send in your photos! (08/30/14) 781 9
Reflections on rainbow mist, waves and riders from John Wiley's big wave coastal cruise. [pics] (08/30/14) 1443 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 29, 2014 reads comments
As a safety precaution due to high swells related to Hurricane Marie, the Port San Harbor District has closed part of the Avila Beach Pier. (08/29/14) 39 add
The 900-acre piece of land in Pismo Beach known as the Pismo Preserve will soon be open to the public. (08/29/14) 33 add
The annual Golden State Classics Car Club Cruise on Spring Street is scheduled for this Friday, August 29. (08/29/14) 84 add
Today on Jesusita trail there was a king snake eating a western fence lizard. [pic] (08/29/14) 2433 21
Pismo Beach Mayor Shelly Higginbotham answered the call of local radio personality Adam Montiel and took the Ice Bucket Challenge on Friday at the Pismo Pier. (08/29/14) 26 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 28, 2014 reads comments
What are my rights as an employee when my employer does not pay me on pay day? (08/28/14) 2551 22
The Summer/Labor Day National Anti-DUI crackdown DUI arrest results show that DUI fatalities and DUI arrests are down. (08/28/14) 81 add
People in Arroyo Grande weighed in Tuesday on an alleged intimate relationship between City Manager Steven Adams and Community Development Director Teresa McClish. (08/28/14) 49 add
A video showing a Morro Bay Police officer asleep in a patrol car raises the issue of officer safety. (08/28/14) 45 add
The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday scrapped a project to improve the trail and parking lot near Pirate's Cove. (08/28/14) 25 add
The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday agreed to provide The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County with $400,000 for the purchase of the Pismo Preserve. (08/28/14) 23 add
A leaked internal document from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is raising concerns about the safety of the Diablo nuclear power plant in San Luis Obispo County. (08/28/14) 28 add
Paso Robles Police are on the search for an Atascadero woman who stole a puppy from a pet store. (08/28/14) 29 add
A subscriber was in Manhattan Beach and noticed this sign about bicycles. [pic] (08/28/14) 2259 18
Caltrans/CHP remind motorists to expect extra traffic and drive safely during the Labor Day weekend(08/28/14) 416 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 27, 2014 reads comments
City workers with pitchforks and nets removed 1,200 pounds of dead carp from the shores of Laguna Lake in San Luis Obispo. (08/27/14) 36 add
As the country readies for Labor Day weekend, the California Highway Patrol is reminding motorists to employ lifesaving measures on the roadway. (08/27/14) 429 3
EDBIT: Happy National Dog Day! How are you celebrating? Send in pics of your pooch. (08/27/14) 1771 18
Can anyone explain what is happening to my lime tree? [pic] (08/27/14) 2195 22
Thomas Brannum (March 1920 - August 20, 2014) (08/27/14) 24 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 26, 2014 reads comments
Are sheriffs deputies allowed to intervene as collection agencies? (08/26/14) 1901 25
The city of SLO and the commission that drafts the safety plans for the SLO County Regional Airport are going to head-to-head over future development. (08/26/14) 27 add
The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors may scrap a project aimed at improving Pirate's Cove at a meeting Tuesday. (08/26/14) 31 add
The five Cal Poly football players arrested in connection with an armed robbery at a Cal Poly fraternity house are due in court Monday for their arraignment. (08/26/14) 39 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 25, 2014 reads comments
The Summer/Labor Day National Anti-DUI crackdown DUI arrest resulted update. (08/25/14) 96 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 24, 2014 reads comments
Do you know when you're dreaming? When lucid, is rest exchanged for meaning? (08/24/14) 728 4
Charges were filed Friday against five Cal Poly football players arrested earlier this month in connection to an armed robbery at a fraternity house in San Luis Obispo. (08/24/14) 55 add
TRAVEL: Last week a crew of Santa Barbara locals headed out into the backcountry around Mammoth Lakes to climb Mt. Ritter, the tallest mountain in the Ritter Range. (08/24/14) 1779 19
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Blink, a cat so fast if you blink you'll miss him. (08/24/14) 893 9
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Skippy, a beloved scooter-loving K-9. (08/24/14) 1104 15

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 23, 2014 reads comments
Are there any natural products for keeping algae out of fountains? (08/23/14) 1418 23
Caltrans today released the second issue of The Mile Marker: A Caltrans Performance Report, an ongoing assessment to share with the public the department’s performance and progress as it works to protect, improve and modernize California’s transportation system. (08/23/14) 70 add
Edhat subscribers sent in "H" themed photos for Flash Friday. Can you guess what they all are? (08/23/14) 1016 23
The Diablo Canyon Unit Two returned to full power Thursday. (08/23/14) 34 add
Astronomy: Chuck reminds edhatters to get up early on Saturday morning to see Venus, Jupiter, and a crescent Moon. (08/23/14) 763 6
Several nut butter brands are being recalled due to potential contamination of salmonella. (08/23/14) 2698 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 22, 2014 reads comments
Jurors in the wrongful death lawsuit filed against The Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach were told during opening arguments in the case Thursday that texting likely contributed to Tricia Rittger's death. (08/22/14) 52 add
Five Cities Fire Authority officials say a home in Oceano has extensive damage after a fire in a backyard shed spread to the main house. (08/22/14) 40 add
A substance that spilled in an Atascadero parking lot Wednesday, causing the area to be blocked off and the Haz Mat Team called in, turned out to be a mixture of hydrogen peroxide. (08/22/14) 40 add
City will clean up dead fish at Laguna Lake - Dead fish washing ashore at Laguna Lake in San Luis Obispo. (08/22/14) 32 add
Ants are invading houses and apartments in search of water, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (08/22/14) 2659 50
California Transportation Commission adopts 148 biking and walking projects. (08/22/14) 138 add
Felix Guzman-Camarillo has been arrested on a felony vandalism charge. (08/22/14) 110 add
The putrid smell of decomposing fish is overwhelming near the shores of Laguna Lake as hundreds of carp die in the rapidly disappearing lake. (08/22/14) 43 add
SLO residents and businesses, for the first time, will soon be forced to limit outdoor watering to three days a week. (08/22/14) 36 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 21, 2014 reads comments
A man is facing animal cruelty charges after Morro Bay police say he shot and killed one of his dogs after a fight Monday night. (08/21/14) 52 add
From 12:01 AM August 15 through Midnight Sunday August 17 officers representing 11 county law enforcement agencies have arrested 21 individuals for DUI. (08/21/14) 86 1
Paso Robles police say officers will be out in full force on Wednesday for the first day of school. (08/21/14) 35 add
The police and fire departments will be at San Luis Obispo High School on Wednesday to practice what to do if a gunman ever gets on campus. It's called an active-shooter drill. (08/21/14) 33 add
A man is facing animal cruelty charges after Morro Bay police say he shot and killed one of his dogs after a fight Monday night. (08/21/14) 50 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 20, 2014 reads comments
A subscribers shares a different perspective on fracking and Measure P.  (08/20/14) 1685 61
Paso Robles police are searching for two women suspected of passing counterfeit bills at several businesses off Highway 46. (08/20/14) 61 add
A small black bear died on Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo Friday morning after it suffered a fatal blow from an oncoming semi-truck. (08/20/14) 55 add
A pipeline that delivers water to multiple cities on the Central Coast is shut down due to a leak. (08/20/14) 46 add
Can anyone help identify a bug that is in my housemates room? (08/20/14) 2823 14
The new Pismo Beach Police Chief will be formally sworn in Tuesday. (08/20/14) 41 add
A citrus pest has been found in a new area on the Central Coast. (08/20/14) 40 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 19, 2014 reads comments
A San Luis Obispo woman got too close for comfort at a Wisconsin zoo over the weekend. (08/19/14) 73 add
Assembly set to vote on new water district in Paso Robles Groundwater Basin. (08/19/14) 37 add
SLO County Administrator Dan Buckshi recently informed Janette Pell that she no longer held her position, according to county sources. (08/19/14) 64 add
The SLO Police and Fire Department will be conducting a joint active shooter training with SLO High School teachers and staff. (08/19/14) 92 add
Driving into work this morning I saw it over the mountains and it was magnificent. [pics] (08/19/14) 2809 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 17, 2014 reads comments
Astronomy: Early risers on Monday morning will see a pretty sight rising in the pre-dawn sky to the ENE at about 5:30 AM. (08/17/14) 1955 4
What is the most interesting road that you've driven? What road innovations do you hope to see while still living? (08/17/14) 1225 18
EDBIT: The Oxford Dictionary has yet again added new words to keep up with linguistic trends. Which ones do you think are the best and worst? (08/17/14) 1720 23
TRAVEL: Aquaholic shares a Moloa'a sunrise photo from the garden isle of Kauai. (08/17/14) 1144 8
UPDATE: CDPH responds to De Groots Home inquiry. (08/17/14) 61 add
Morro Bay police arrested a man from Bakersfield on Thursday for allegedly being in possession of counterfeit U.S. currency. (08/17/14) 63 add
Diablo Canyon takes one reactor offline for maintenance. (08/17/14) 46 add
Cartoons: Mike Gordon shares a Saturday cartoon for edhat readers.  (08/17/14) 1112 10
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Kya, a rescue dog with a penchant for the outdoors. (08/17/14) 1351 11

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 16, 2014 reads comments
Starting August 15 Sheriff and the CHP will be aggressively targeting drunk and drugged drivers. (08/16/14) 148 add
Here is the most recent Vandenberg launch schedule. (08/16/14) 658 add
Cal Poly Athletic Director Don Oberhelman shared the sentiments of most around the University upon hearing the news that five football players were allegedly involved in an armed robbery early Sunday morning. (08/16/14) 56 add
Highway 41 resurfacing near Atascadero begins next week. (08/16/14) 95 add
Subscribers sent in "A" themed photos for Flash Friday. Can you guess what they are? (08/16/14) 1281 15
Man charged with lewd acts upon a child pleads not guilty. (08/16/14) 56 add
Cal Poly Announces New Drug Testing Policy. (08/16/14) 50 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 15, 2014 reads comments
Updated News Release: Yesterday around 2:30 AM the police department responded to a 911 call that a robbery with a handgun was occurring at the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. (08/15/14) 350 add
A reader caught this activity while walking along the breakwater this morning. [pic] (08/15/14) 3580 12
Morro Bay Councilwoman Nancy Johnson is reconsidering her vote to appoint a retiring Army colonel as the next city manager of Morro Bay. (08/15/14) 70 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 14, 2014 reads comments
TRAVEL: Aquaholic was up early for a sunrise on Hanalei Bay. [pic] (08/14/14) 1829 18
Morro Bay city officials announced on Tuesday the appointment of David Buckingham to the position of city manager. (08/14/14) 59 add
UPDATE: Statement from Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong. (08/14/14) 75 add
Caltrans is installing “smart irrigation” controllers, a recycled-water pipeline, and low-flow fixtures to cut its water use along state highways throughout the Central Coast. (08/14/14) 818 14

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Aug 13, 2014 reads comments
TRAVEL: Aquaholic shares a resident Gold Dust Gecko from her travels in Kauai. [pic] (08/13/14) 1253 7
The Los Osos Community Services District has adopted a set of mandatory water conservation measures for its customers. (08/13/14) 54 add
Cal Poly head coach Tim Walsh says the five players allegedly involved in a Sunday morning armed robbery have been suspended from the team indefinitely, but have not yet been kicked out of the program. (08/13/14) 72 add
Cal Poly fraternity members recall robbery incident allegedly involving football players. (08/13/14) 83 add

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