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Breaking News reads comments
UCSB's James Kennett and colleagues use a sediment core to examine seafloor ecosystem biodiversity in response to past abrupt climate changes.
updated 1:49 pm
197 3
Caltrans has announced the addition of three new traffic cameras which show real-time traffic conditions on its District 5 web page.
updated 10:35 am
40 add
UCSB scientists conduct top-caliber botanical research in cutting-edge biology greenhouses.
updated 10:00 am
256 add
A subscriber noticed these acrobatic pigeons and snapped a few [pics].
updated 9:05 am
743 13
Does anyone have any up to date information on the best way to deal with termites?
updated 8:45 am
614 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 30, 2015 reads comments
Fresh to strong (19- to 31-mph) northwesterly winds will develop Monday afternoon, decreasing Monday night into Tuesday morning. (03/30/15) 73 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 29, 2015 reads comments
Cindy reports that spring has sprung on her ranch. [pic] (03/29/15) 1202 3
Would you say you want only the very best or that settling for good enough gives you time to enjoy all the rest? (03/29/15) 391 5
Cartoons: Mike shares another cartoon with the edhat community about prime parking spots. (03/29/15) 1031 13
Santa Barbara County has ranked #6 in a recent poll of U.S. cities with the greatest income disparity. (03/29/15) 1535 30
Can someone tell me what kind of camouflaged bug this is? (03/29/15) 972 9
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Chiquita, a five year old rescue who can nap just about anywhere. (03/29/15) 837 7
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Zoe, a beauty queen who loves admiration from afar. (03/29/15) 914 12

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 28, 2015 reads comments
This week the Downtown Renewal Project saw its first big steps with the completed sidewalk pours of Phase One and Two on Thursday morning. (03/28/15) 84 add
It's Spring and Ed wants to see your seasonal themed pics! (03/28/15) 537 3
Can someone identify this long fuzzy bug? (03/28/15) 1469 10
Highway 101 at Los Osos Valley Road will undergo various nighttime closures between 8:00 pm and 6:00 am from Sunday until Friday. (03/28/15) 72 add
In anticipation of increased celebratory events surrounding Cesar Chavez Day, the San Luis Obispo Police Department will be increasing staffing leading up to and including Cesar Chavez Day. (03/28/15) 74 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 27, 2015 reads comments
Residential video surveillance discovered an attempted vehicle-theft suspect in Paso Robles early Thursday morning. (03/27/15) 30 add
It's hot outside. How hot is it you ask? Check out what edhatters had to say. (03/27/15) 1386 20
Opening statements in the trial for the man accused of robbing a Bank of America in San Luis Obispo continue. (03/27/15) 25 add
The SLO County Sheriff's Office completed a recent countywide tobacco sales compliance check operation which ended on March 24, 2015. (03/27/15) 85 add
Tobacco sting conducted in San Luis Obispo County catching twelve stores selling to minors. (03/27/15) 113 add
Drought-weary Nipomo will soon be getting some relief via a water pipeline from Santa Maria that is nearing completion. (03/27/15) 581 11
Lucia Mar teachers, who have been pushing the school district for a 10% increase in pay, have rejected the district's 6% offer. (03/27/15) 91 add
The Grover Beach Police Department has started a Foot Patrol program for West Grand Avenue and surrounding parks. (03/27/15) 174 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 26, 2015 reads comments
Solvang has been mentioned in a "Kill List" made by ISIS to threaten U.S. servicemen and cities. (03/26/15) 4587 29
A subscriber might have spotted a rare bird in Goleta. [pic] (03/26/15) 2301 14
Montecito rocker Kenny Loggins is heading for the altar for the third time, reports Richard Mineards. (03/26/15) 2676 25
UPDATE: A male inmate at the County Jail was discovered unconscious in a single person cell and later pronounced deceased. (03/26/15) 116 add
A new online traffic tool has been created for SLO County providing real-time traffic data.  (03/26/15) 95 add
An Indiana woman was killed and another man injured Saturday after crashing off Highway 1, according to the California Highway Patrol. (03/26/15) 34 add
Teachers could legally call a strike very soon at Lucia Mar and some parents say they're worried about what that would mean for their child's education. (03/26/15) 89 add
Edhat subscribers share their favorite sunset and lenticular cloud [pics] from Tuesday. (03/26/15) 1973 8
Is anyone else experiencing a slowdown in the delivery of Netflix DVDs since the first of the year? (03/26/15) 1579 54

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 25, 2015 reads comments
San Luis Obispo County has the top performing child support services agency in the state, according to a recent report. [pic] (03/25/15) 109 add
Update: These heron babies are up and about now and really squawking. [pics] (03/25/15) 2424 21
Sections of San Luis Obispo in the Monterey and Johnson area were sectioned off this morning around 7am with both police and fire on scene. Anyone know why? (03/25/15) 95 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 24, 2015 reads comments
EDBIT: It's National Puppy Day so give your pooch a treat and some love on their special day! (03/24/15) 660 2
TRAVEL: Patti thought she spotted the Getty Villa but it turned out to be something else. (03/24/15) 1425 6
Two people were killed Monday morning in a fatal crash east of Paso Robles. (03/24/15) 61 add
UPDATE: A UCSB student that disappeared on a day hike with friends in Yosemite was found alive with a head injury. (03/24/15) 2338 14
UCSB scientists discover a mechanism of self-mutation in mysterious viruses and microbes from within the Earth. (03/24/15) 524 add
Mike shares his [pics] of Sunday's sunset and Venus/Moon show. (03/24/15) 864 4
Trevor Harris was arrested after the Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a juvenile injured by the discharge of powder or a flare on Canet Rd. [mug] (03/24/15) 130 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 23, 2015 reads comments
EDBIT: Today is World Water Day; how are you celebrating clean water? (03/23/15) 552 9
Does anyone know what this plant is? [pic] (03/23/15) 1924 20

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 22, 2015 reads comments
Does any one know of a good location to see if the Grunion are running? (03/22/15) 1615 10
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares [pics] of a Cape Cod sunset. (03/22/15) 833 9
EDBIT: Friday marked the official start of Spring and the dedicated staff shares a few facts. (03/22/15) 740 8
Astronomy: The spring constellations are pushing up from the east, supplanting the bright winter sights like Orion and Canis Major in the skies above Santa Barbara.  (03/22/15) 707 2
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Chip, a Maltese who enjoys the wind blowing through his ears. (03/22/15) 987 7
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Jack, a cat utterly confused by Daylight Savings. (03/22/15) 1163 10

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 20, 2015 reads comments
Today, the Sheriff's Office received a report from a mandatory reporter of a sexual assault that occurred on a property in the 1400 block of O'Connor Way. (03/20/15) 120 add
Trader Joe's has recalled five varieties of their walnuts after samples tested positive for Salmonella. (03/20/15) 1907 26
A Paso Robles man said he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed an "intruder" Saturday morning. (03/20/15) 82 add
A new ordinance approved this week in San Luis Obispo would regulate any offensive and persistent odors that waft across property lines. (03/20/15) 50 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 19, 2015 reads comments
The San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport is implementing a new jet service. Beginning April 7, SkyWest Airlines will operate daily United Express jet service from the airport to destinations such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. (03/19/15) 50 add
Residents of Avila Beach and the surrounding areas are invited to a special community meeting this month for an in-depth preview of Stage 4 of the 2015 Amgen Tour of California. (03/19/15) 114 add
Can someone identify this type of snake found at Parma Park? (03/19/15) 2738 16
The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney's Office plans to, by in large, stop prosecuting prostitutes. (03/19/15) 55 add
OSHA has proposed penalties totaling $8,100 against a San Luis Obispo dentist the federal agency said failed to protect its workers and patients from blood borne pathogens and to properly maintain equipment. (03/19/15) 53 add
San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill accused Coalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business (COLAB) spokesman Mike Brown of bringing "bloviating foolishness" to meetings of the board of supervisors. (03/19/15) 41 add
UPDATE: California State Parole Agents notified the SLO PD that a violent convicted sex offender, Avril King, had cut off his GPS ankle bracelet. (03/19/15) 127 add
A subscriber got a [pic] of a sign of spring where a ladybug is on the tip of a flower bud. (03/19/15) 1095 10
A subscriber found this bug in her garage. She has seen them once or twice before always just one on its own. [pic] (03/19/15) 2530 13
Santa Barbara Sheriff's and the District Attorney are requesting public assistance on a parental abduction case of an Orcutt woman and her young children, who may be at-risk. [pics] (03/19/15) 2639 18

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 18, 2015 reads comments
On March 23 from 6 - 8 PM at the San Miguel Mission Parish Hall, 775 Mission Street, Sheriff Parkinson will hold another in his series of Town Hall Meetings. (03/18/15) 130 add
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Send in your green holiday themed pics. (03/18/15) 968 5
Can anyone tell me what this plant's name is and where it comes from? [pic] (03/18/15) 1919 10
52-year-old, Thomas Yanaga of Paso Robles remains in jail Monday night, facing possible murder charges. Yanaga was arrested on Saturday in connection with the deadly shooting of 32-year-old, Marshall Savoy. (03/18/15) 95 add
The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office says one person is in custody after a man's body was found in the driveway of a home near Paso Robles early Saturday morning. (03/18/15) 40 add
A former officer with the Grover Beach and Atascadero police departments admitted that he used his security position to steal from residents of a Thousand Oaks retirement community, but the former policeman will not do any jail time as punishment for his crimes. (03/18/15) 170 add
A subscriber shares a [vid] of the USS Ranger being towed through the Santa Barbara Channel. (03/18/15) 2041 13
The State Water Resources Control Board will vote Tuesday to renew and increase emergency regulations as the Golden State enters its fourth year of the drought. (03/18/15) 793 14
FICTION: Bud Stuart shares a poem about St. Paddy's Day. (03/18/15) 576 4
A subscriber shares a sunrise [pic] on St. Patrick's Day. (03/18/15) 762 5
EDBIT: We hope you're wearing green and eating Lucky Charms because it's St. Patrick's Day! (03/18/15) 690 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 17, 2015 reads comments
I'm looking for an online drivers training course for my 15.5 year old daughter. Any referrals? (03/17/15) 874 7
A subscriber captures a [pic] of neighbors working to save a bee hive. (03/17/15) 1446 6
Local residents have been reporting a foul smell coming from southern Paso Robles. After some investigation, it has been determined that the smell is coming from Firestone Walker Brewery's newly installed wastewater pools. (03/17/15) 46 add
A San Luis Obispo man arrested last week for possession of child pornography volunteered for a local youth football league for nearly three decades. (03/17/15) 51 add
Submit your pet for instant fame this summer as the Edhat Cat or Dog of the Week! (03/17/15) 572 add
An edhatter needs lots of poison oak removed/killed. Who can they call? (03/17/15) 120 add
A San Luis Obispo couple is in search of a home following a fire that erupted in their house Sunday morning. (03/17/15) 52 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 16, 2015 reads comments
Can anyone identify this white sand that we have in some areas of our backyard? [pics] (03/16/15) 2096 16
Does anyone know what this thing is? I found it on the bluffs above the beach in Cayucos, CA. [pics] (03/16/15) 3192 17
Cindy shares beautiful [pics] of the skies and coastline on her way to the SLO International Film Festival. (03/16/15) 563 1
Last night, investigators from the San Luis Obispo Police Department joined law enforcement across the State as part of the fourth annual statewide shoulder-tap operation. (03/16/15) 187 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 15, 2015 reads comments
I'm thinking of purchasing a heat-pump hybrid electric water heater. Anyone have experience with these in their homes? (03/15/15) 991 7
Joe Sigala has been booked into county jail for Robbery, vandalism, Assault with a deadly weapon, and drug possession. (03/15/15) 143 add
On March 14, 2015 at approximately 2:21 a.m. the SLO Police Department responded to a reported armed robbery in the area of Palm and Toro Streets. (03/15/15) 185 add
A subscriber captured a [pic] of the moon in Saturday's sunrise. (03/15/15) 902 1
Aquaholic shares a [pic] of a stormy looking Jalama Beach. (03/15/15) 1372 5
IN THE KITCHEN: Suzie shares a recipe with sumptuous flavors on carrots, including Halloumi cheese(03/15/15) 1514 7
POWDRELL: David is mesmerized by the local wildflowers and hiking trails. (03/15/15) 1290 3
SLO Police urges everyone to be safe and drive sober on St. Patrick's day. (03/15/15) 158 add
EDBIT: It only happens once in a lifetime, and at this moment is a fully complete Pi Day! (03/15/15) 1262 7
A close call in Nipomo on Friday night, as a trailer used for two dogs caught fire. The dogs BB and Baby, were not injured. (03/15/15) 56 add
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Kite, a darling ol' gal who enjoys bathtime. (03/15/15) 991 6
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Cookie, a sweet tabby who recently lost her owner and is looking for a new home. (03/15/15) 1297 8
Update: Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a death near a home in the 400 block of Gahan Place in unincorporated Paso Robles. (03/15/15) 163 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 14, 2015 reads comments
Cal Poly administrators have started a wide-ranging investigation to identify and punish students connected to the party and garage roof collapse that injured nine people in the early morning hours of March 7. (03/14/15) 53 add
An 18-year-old man fell 80 feet to his death at Pirates Cove in Avila Beach Friday afternoon. (03/14/15) 93 add
Does anyone have some flying insects that look like big mosquitos? If you do, what are they and is there a way to get rid of them? (03/14/15) 2848 41
Updated With Identity: On 3-13-15, Sheriff's Deputies responded to a report of an 18-year-old man who had fallen off a cliff and into the water at Pirates Cove. (03/14/15) 175 add
It's Friday the 13th and edhatters send in spooky or lucky themed photos. (03/14/15) 1077 7
The 1986 Mojave Desert cold case of the double murder of a Goleta couple is finally unraveling, reports the LA Weekly. (03/14/15) 3172 8
The northbound U.S. Highway 101 on and off-ramps at Los Osos Valley Road will be closed on Monday, March 16 from 9 pm until 6 am, weather permitting. (03/14/15) 145 add
The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office investigated a report of shots fired near Lillian Larsen Elementary School in San Miguel Thursday afternoon. (03/14/15) 55 add

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