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A subscriber shares a [pic] of colorful succulents.
updated 10:47 am
467 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 02, 2015 reads comments
Here are some safety tips from the National Weather Service regarding lightning. (03/02/15) 448 8
Last week, the SLO County Board of Supervisors debated whether to advocate for statewide legislation that would require landlords to accept Section 8. (03/02/15) 20 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Mar 01, 2015 reads comments
Edhatters snapped [pics] of the night sky. (03/01/15) 890 4
With businesses popping up to facilitate new income streams, do you think the little man can now wage a stronger fight or that the man has merely found new ways to flex his greedy might? (03/01/15) 346 1
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares a photo of demon guardians from a recent trip to Bangkok. (03/01/15) 728 1
A winter weather advisory is in effect from 4 PM Saturday until 10 PM Sunday. (03/01/15) 1075 3
EDBIT: UCSB was recently ranked #10 in the Top Public Schools. Go Gauchos! (03/01/15) 1340 10
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Tahoe and Scully, who look young enough to be brothers. (03/01/15) 965 7
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Ramona and Beasley, a brother-sister pair ready for their forever home. (03/01/15) 919 6
The Lucia Mar Teachers Association and the District participated in Fact Finding and mediation on Friday, February 27. (03/01/15) 20 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 28, 2015 reads comments
Import-export businesses chaos is taking a light toll on Agriculture in Central Coast, reports KEYT. (02/28/15) 619 add
Send in your architecture themed pics for our Flash Friday! (02/28/15) 869 4
The Weather Service warns of low snow levels affecting mountain passes this weekend. (02/28/15) 907 1
Caltrans’ jump into the nation’s top ten bicycle-friendly states and the creation of the nation’s largest active transportation program are just a few of achievements highlighted in Caltrans’ annual report. (02/28/15) 422 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 27, 2015 reads comments
Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson introduced the California Fair Pay Act, which will strengthen equal pay laws to ensure that women are paid equally for work that is comparable to their male colleagues. (02/27/15) 823 34
San Luis Obispo police need the public's help in locating two suspects, a man and a woman, who they say used fraudulent credit cards and false identification to rent items in the SLO area and not return them. (02/27/15) 37 add
A subscriber reports a scam promising money for a Senior Award. (02/27/15) 689 4
The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival are thrilled to announce that the 21st King Vidor Award for Excellence in Filmmaking will be presented to multi-Oscar nominated director and screenwriter, Peter Bogdanovich.  (02/27/15) 72 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 26, 2015 reads comments
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler visits with the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press and discusses net neutrality. [video] (02/26/15) 769 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 25, 2015 reads comments
John shares a [pic] of a double rainbow. (02/25/15) 1206 7
Rep. Lois Capps reintroduced the Federal Firefighters Fairness Act, that would help ensure federal firefighters could obtain the disability benefits if harmed during service. (02/25/15) 741 7
The "Hills Bandit" pleaded guilty Monday to five federal charges relating to bank robberies from Laguna Niguel to Santa Barbara. (02/25/15) 946 3
UCSB researchers receive funding to study the effect of pH variability on the early life stages of a kelp forest rockfish. (02/25/15) 627 3
Nipomo neighborhood grieves for man killed in wrong way crash on Hwy 101. (02/25/15) 74 add
James Lypps of Nipomo, who was accused of murdering his wife in 2009, is back in jail after a judge discharged him from custody on Friday. (02/25/15) 57 add
The City of Grover Beach has $48 million dollars to spend on road repairs and city officials are looking for public input on how they should spend that money. (02/25/15) 29 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 24, 2015 reads comments
The California Highway Patrol has identified the 22-year-old Arroyo Grande man killed in a suspected DUI crash early Sunday morning as Tyler Johns, 22. (02/24/15) 50 add
An Arroyo Grande man faces Felony DUI and manslaughter charges after an early-morning rollover killed a passenger in the pick-up truck he was driving. (02/24/15) 56 add
A Santa Cruz woman is proposing a medical marijuana dispensary in Nipomo, not far from the Santa Barbara County line. (02/24/15) 48 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 22, 2015 reads comments
Chuck Cagara came upon a graffiti-laden utility pole which also included a philosophical message of hope. [pic] (02/22/15) 2087 12
Cartoons: Mike shares a funny cartoon about the weekend. (02/22/15) 1472 17
NON-PROFIT OF THE WEEK: The Adventures in Caring mission is to lift the spirits of those who are sick and lonely – to bring hope, encouragement, and joy to those who are isolated by illness or injury. (02/22/15) 942 1
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sir Meows A Lot, an aging but still vocal cat. (02/22/15) 1114 5
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Piper, an affectionate gal who enjoys long walks on the beach and is looking for her forever family. (02/22/15) 1412 6
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares a [pic] of Mt. Cook National Park. (02/22/15) 920 2
On Thursday, a Nipomo man accused of murdering his wife walks free after being behind bars since December. (02/22/15) 50 add
Fires planned for Hearst San Simeon and Morro Bay State Parks next week. (02/22/15) 39 add
If you have been contacted recently by the San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Office about a warrant out for your arrest, don't believe it. (02/22/15) 48 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 21, 2015 reads comments
The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office is warning about a phone scam that's targeting residents in the County. (02/21/15) 122 1
Updated: A subscriber snaps a [pic] of a great blue heron searching for gophers. (02/21/15) 2976 22
Updated With KEYT Report: An edhat subscriber reports there was a head on crash on Highway 101 at the Santa Maria Bridge this afternoon. (02/21/15) 4128 23
Send in your local nature themed photos for our Flash Friday! (02/21/15) 1288 12
Assemblymember Williams introduced AB 356 that would require groundwater monitoring near injection wells in order to protect underground sources of drinking water. (02/21/15) 1226 7
An oversight hearing led by Sen. Jackson earlier this week examined the innovative uses and privacy challenges of drones(02/21/15) 1170 13

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 20, 2015 reads comments
Three climbers became stuck and were unable to climb down from Morro Rock sending emergency crews into a rescue operation Thursday afternoon. (02/20/15) 62 add
As of Saturday, veteran investigator A.J. Santana is no longer working for the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney's Office. (02/20/15) 64 add
San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx has written a letter to the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission asking it to deny the proposed Phillips 66 Rail Spur Extension Project. (02/20/15) 41 add
On Wednesday, February 25 at 10:00 AM at the Sheriff's Honor Farm an awards ceremony will be held to recognize those Sheriff's Office employees who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. (02/20/15) 123 add
The San Luis Obispo City Council this week gave the thumbs up to a proposed 102-room hotel in San Luis Obispo neighbors have opposed. (02/20/15) 43 add
How do people on the Central Coast feel about the proposed sale of the Verizon landlines and internet services to Frontier Communications? (02/20/15) 1772 24
TRAVEL: A subscriber shares more photos from a recent New Zealand trip. (02/20/15) 1276 3
A subscriber has not been receiving KOCE through TV antenna reception. Has anyone else had issues? (02/20/15) 1210 20
A subscriber noticed that a local tortilla chip company uses MSG but boasts "all natural" on the label. Is this appropriate? (02/20/15) 3466 79

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 19, 2015 reads comments
Authorities are on scene at an Atascadero motel Wednesday afternoon investigating what they are calling a "suspicious death." (02/19/15) 60 add
Caltrans has been busy cleaning up debris after Mother Nature unleashed her fury on the Pacific Coast Highway. (02/19/15) 2117 4
Grover Beach pair arrested for suspected identity theft and child endangerment. (02/19/15) 56 add
Woman charged in deadly San Luis Obispo crash unable to appear in court due to injuries. (02/19/15) 52 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 18, 2015 reads comments
San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's deputies arrested a pair from Grover Beach in connection with a mail theft incident reported on Valentine's Day in the Nipomo Mesa area of Arroyo Grande. (02/18/15) 172 1
My child and I were both bitten by a dog on a leash. We received medical attention and filed a police report - what do we do now? (02/18/15) 4675 82
On 2-14-15, Sheriff's Deputies received a report of an individual stealing mail from a house on the Nipomo Mesa in rural Arroyo Grande. [mugs] (02/18/15) 177 add
Does anyone else have oak worm moths in their trees? (02/18/15) 1347 6
A motorcyclist involved in a crash in San Luis Obispo Monday night has died, according to hospital officials. (02/18/15) 68 add
A neighbor's car leaks oil into the gutter and has refused to fix it. What's the next step? (02/18/15) 2151 28
So Cal Edison is refusing to hook us up to the grid, even after our solar panels are installed. Anyone else facing this? (02/18/15) 2771 40
Chris Mitchum has filed a lawsuit against Rep. Lois Capps and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for defamation of character. (02/18/15) 2784 72
The SBMS Teen Press goes to Washington and visits with FCC Chairman and Lincoln scholar, Tom Wheeler to find out. [vid] (02/18/15) 668 1
A subscriber asks for help regarding a cracked hibiscus tree. [pic] (02/18/15) 1273 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 17, 2015 reads comments
Police arrested two people for making Marijuana Honey Oil in their Atascadero home, after they caused an explosion. (02/17/15) 59 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 16, 2015 reads comments
HISTORY: What is the history of Froom Ranch in SLO? (02/16/15) 112 add
The National Weather Service announces the Beach Hazards statement is now cancelled for Santa Barbara County, Ventura County, and San Luis Obispo County. (02/16/15) 747 add
A subscriber shares their opinions on fracking and its affect on earthquakes. (02/16/15) 1540 48

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 15, 2015 reads comments
Have you ever read your love a poem for Valentine's Day? Do you have a favorite to share with us today? (02/15/15) 642 5
Comedian and local resident Steve Martin is selling his Santa Barbara home for nearly $11 million. (02/15/15) 4435 36
EDBIT: Happy Valentine's Day edhatters! Can you guess which candy company created the first heart-shaped box? Click here to learn more.  (02/15/15) 969 add
IN THE KITCHEN: Have you been looking for a blissful chocolate chip cookie recipe? Look no more, Suzie figured it out. (02/15/15) 1948 11
POWDRELL: David knows that water is water, but but rainwater seems to have a bit of magic mixed in. (02/15/15) 1272 16
We may be in for lower gas prices due to the Board of Equalization's proposal to reduce the per- gallon tax Californians, thoughts? (02/15/15) 1291 34
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Lylah, a dingo dog from Ventura. (02/15/15) 1187 8
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Sadie Marmalady, a sweet rescue cat enjoying her Santa Barbara life. (02/15/15) 1206 10
The National Weather Service has cancelled the high surf advisory but the beach hazards remain in effect. (02/15/15) 733 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 14, 2015 reads comments
Yesterday at approximately 1330 hours deputies responded to a report of a female possibly selling narcotics outside of Tree Man Nursery. (02/14/15) 173 add
A subscriber shares [pics] of new birds visiting the neighborhood. (02/14/15) 1733 15
The northbound Highway 101 offramp at Los Osos Valley Road in San Luis Obispo will be closed intermittently for the next four days because of a downed signal pole. (02/14/15) 60 add
Federal regulators have issued a violation against California's Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant because its emergency plan failed for eight years to include instructions required for boats and ships within 10 miles of the seaside reactors. (02/14/15) 56 add
A subscriber shares a [pic] of Cedar Waxwings chowing down. (02/14/15) 1452 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 13, 2015 reads comments
TRAVEL: A traveling edhatter shares more photos from a trip to New Zealand. (02/13/15) 1089 4
The Weather Service announces a high surf advisory and strong rip currents through Sunday afternoon. [pics] (02/13/15) 978 add
A new report by the NCEAS Marine Debris Working Group at UCSB calculates the magnitude of plastic waste going into the ocean. (02/13/15) 916 20
A groundbreaking ceremony is taking place Thursday for a project that will renovate the historic Bonetti Ranch in San Luis Obispo. (02/13/15) 63 add
Pismo Beach police say they arrested a naked man after he allegedly ran away from officers Wednesday. (02/13/15) 54 add
A subscriber is asking green thumb edhat readers for advice regarding an evergreen tree. (02/13/15) 1060 16

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 12, 2015 reads comments
Los Padres National Forest officials announced that February 16 has been designated as a “Fee Free Day” for visitors to the forest.  (02/12/15) 853 11
Law enforcement officers hand-selected from all over the world, including one from the Central Coast, are going above and beyond as they take part in the Law Enforcement Torch Run Final Leg for Special Olympics. [pics] (02/12/15) 141 add
The southbound U.S. Highway 101 on-ramp at Los Osos Valley Road will be closed daily from Monday, February 16 until Friday, February 20 between the hours of 9 am to 3 pm, weather permitting.
137 add
The teenager who the California Highway Patrol says hit two bicyclists near Paso Robles late last year, killing one and severely injuring the other is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday. (02/12/15) 66 add
UPDATE: Crews to fully restore power Wednesday afternoon after tree brings down power line in San Luis Obispo (02/12/15) 56 add
Morro Bay police arrested a man they say was exposing himself to children at Del Mar Park. (02/12/15) 59 add
The Pismo Beach Planning Commission is considering allowing more people to attend public events at the Chapman Estate in Shell Beach. (02/12/15) 55 add

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 11, 2015 reads comments
TRAVEL: An edhat subscriber shares photos of the edhat bag in Wellington, New Zealand. (02/11/15) 873 4
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service will team up with conservation partners to launch a campaign aimed to save monarch butterflies. [pics] (02/11/15) 1466 9
Island Packers captured [vid] of orca whales swimming near the Channel Islands. (02/11/15) 2130 12
More than five grams of heroin along with other drugs and drug paraphernalia were seized and two arrests were made after a narcotics-related search warrant was served in Paso Robles over the weekend, according to police. (02/11/15) 74 add
Pacific Wildlife Care plans to release a Golden Eagle back into the wild on Wednesday or Thursday in Atascadero. (02/11/15) 54 add
Charles shares [pics] of a hummingbird feeding on a colorful flower. (02/11/15) 1115 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 10, 2015 reads comments
A tobacco sting conducted in San Luis Obispo City discovered 6 stores who did not identify an underage buyer. (02/10/15) 158 add
Did anyone else notice the disconnect of sound and video watching the Grammy's Sunday night? (02/10/15) 1272 20

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 08, 2015 reads comments
Cartoons: Mike shares another funny cartoon of the lovable vampire bat. (02/08/15) 1346 11
Astronomy: Chuck discusses the controversy surrounding dwarf planets(02/08/15) 1064 5
Gear Thomas McMillan, 22, entered a no contest plea to a felony count of possessing marijuana for sale. (02/08/15) 79 add

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