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Edhat is the best online investment available in Santa Barbara.

For over 10 years EDHAT has brought a unique take on Santa Barbara to more than 120,000 people per month. People come for the latest breaking news, conversations with neighbors, pictures of dogs and cats, natural disasters, and comments on everything from the price of pizza to the artistic quality of the chromatic gate. It's quirky, fun, and reaches a large returning customer base that you can rely on.

EDHAT has won Best Website in the Santa Barbara's Independent Readers Poll for 8 years straight. Fifteen thousand daily newsletter subscribers wake up to EDHAT everyday for community news and discussion created in Santa Barbara by the people of Santa Barbara.

Every investment in EDHAT is tracked for views and clicks to your link. Want to know what happens with your advertising? EDHAT can give you the answers you seek. The EDHAT website gets twice the traffic of any other local site in town. We've recently received over 2 MILLION page views and over 120,000 unique visitors. That's a lot of people - and they're all from Santa Barbara! After 10 years and many satisfied advertisers, we have a compelling story to tell.

Contact our staff at ed@edhat.com today to reserve your spot. Discounts are available for non-profits, long-term commitments or if you amuse us sufficiently. Buy locally, buy intelligently, buy EDHAT.


A Rotating Banner Website Week 15,000
A Banner Plus Website Week 35,000
A Banner Supreme Website Week 75,000+
B Persistent Banner News Page* Day 80,000+
C Small Square Website Month 2 million
D Ed-Vertiser Various Month 10,000
E Classified Listing Newsletter Day 15,000
- Event Listing Newsletter Day 15,000
- Banner in Newsletter Newsletter Day 15,000
example Coupon Deals Page Month NA

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Codes Above Correspond to Circles Below



Page Views, Unique Users, Visits, Time on Site, Repeat Visitors, DMA, Bounce %, Search %, oh My! There are a ton of different metrics to measure a website. Here is a recent CNN article about this topic ...

Yes, that's right. Edhat is far and away the best site in town in the categories of Page-Views and Time on Site.





Of course, the localness of the audience is important when placing local advertising. We're not sure why so many people in Bangladesh are interested in Noozhawk.


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NOOZHAWK (shown for comparison)

Source: Alexa.Com




Advertising Administration

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